Liber O – Greater Ritual of the Hexagram

Publication in Class B

 Praemonstrator – D.D.S.
Imperator – O.S.V. 
Cancellarius – N.S.F.

To invoke or banish planets or zodiacal signs.

The Hexagram of Earth alone is used. Draw the hexagram, beginning from the point which is attributed to the planet you are dealing with (“See” “777” col. lxxxiii).

Thus to invoke Jupiter begin from the right-hand point of the lower triangle, dextro-rotary and complete; then trace the upper triangle from its left hand point and complete.

Trace the astrological sigil of the planet in the centre of your hexagram. For the Zodiac use the hexagram of the planet which rules the sign you require (“777”, col. cxxxviii); but draw the astrological sigil of the sign, instead of that of the planet.


For Caput and Cauda Draconis use the lunar hexagram, with the sigil of Caput Draconis or Cauda Draconis.

To banish, reverse the hexagram.

In all cases use a conjuration first with Ararita, and next with the name of the God corresponding to the planet or sign you are dealing with.