Below are links to various resources and sites that many of us find useful. Some are well established within the Thelemic community, while others are less known. We do not endorse any of the services or products they offer; instead, this is simply a list of some of our favorite sites to visit.

All lists are subject to change and will see occasional updates and additions.  Should you have comments, concerns, suggestions or would like to add a link below, feel free to contact us.

Thelemic resources

Bill Heidrick
100th Monkey Press
Liber OZ Project
Zero Equals Two
The Grady McMurtry Project
Keep Silence: Scans from the Equinox
Encyclopedia Thelemica
Temple of Thelema forum
Thelema 101

A∴A∴ related blogs

Frater 273
Alan Willms’ Blog
The Mystical World
True Will
Within the Pyramid
Alchemy Parusha

Thelemic podcasts and channels

Liberation Theurgy with Dr. Nathan Bjorge
Arcanum Luminarium
Frater 273
Thelema Now
Speech in the Silence podcast
Temple of the Silver Star
Temple of Thelema
Lexi Eve
Maevius Lynn
Horizon Lodge O.T.O.
Blazing Star O.T.O.
Marco Visconti

Other Resources

Theoi Greek Mythology
Egyptian Myths
John Dee Enochian Archival Material
Hebrew/Greek Bible Gematria Database
The Gnostic Society Library
The Hermetic Library
Eastern Tradition Research Archive
Magic 21st
The Sacred Books of the East
Arcane Archive
Embassy of the Free Mind – Digital grimoires
Stichting Argus – Masonic Resources


Weiser Antiquarian Books
Miskatonic Books
100th Monkey Press
The Teitan Press
Ouroboros Press
Golden Hoard Press
Liber AL
Midian Books
J. D. Holmes
Star Fire Publishing
Scarlet Imprint
Nephilim Press
Three Hands Press
Lashtal Press
Caduceus Books
Gates Past Books
Richard Bishop Bookseller
Watkings Books
Courtyard Books
Esoteric Research Press

Other Products

Boleskine Works – Jewelry and Art
Aly Moon Magick
Omega Art Works
Azoth Art
Beegirl Metal Etsy Store
Bookbinding & Royal Binding
Thelema Mountain Vineyards