The Magical Circle

Posted by on September 15, 2017

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In most traditions, a magical circle is commonly used to make clear to the spirit world, the working space for the practitioner. In Liber ABA Part 2 is stated concerning the magical circle:

The Circle announces the Nature of the Great Work.
Though the Magician has been limited in his choice of room, he is more or less able to choose what part of the room he will work in. He will consider convenience and possibility. His circle should not be too small and cramp his movements; it should not be so large that he has long distances to traverse. Once the circle is made and consecrated, the Magician must not leave it, or even lean outside, lest he be destroyed by the hostile forces that are without.

He chooses a circle rather than any other lineal figure for many reasons; e.g.,

1. He affirms thereby his identity with the infinite.
2. He affirms the equal balance of his working; since all points on the circumference are equidistant from the centre.
3. He affirms the limitation implied by his devotion to the Great Work. He no longer wanders about aimlessly in the world.

The center of this circle is the center of the Tau of ten squares which is in the midst, as shown in the illustration. The Tau and the circle together make one form of the Rosy Cross, the uniting of subject and object which is the Great Work, and which is symbolized sometimes as this cross and circle, sometimes as the Lingam-Yoni, sometimes as the Ankh or Crux Ansata, sometimes by the Spire and Nave of a church or temple, and sometimes as a marriage feast, mystic marriage, spiritual marriage, “chymical nuptials,” and in a hundred other ways. Whatever the form chosen, it is the symbol of the Great Work.”

Many practitioners use a physical circle painted on cloth or drawn in the sand or with chalk on the floor. All physical considerations aside, I believe that it is most important, that practicing Magician already be projecting a magic circle, from within.  By this I mean that when one is working to purify the Nephesh, or the lower self, they must submit (on some level) to the Higher Self or some might say the Holy Guardian Angel.  It is this process which leads one to radiate what in my view is the ‘true’ magic circle. No lower entity or negativity can penetrate a circle established in this manner nor cause any harm to the practitioner through negative thoughts or deeds. The building blocks for this circle of light is the right motivation, and clear direction.  It’s a mastering of our thoughts, words and actions.  The Practitioner must be well aware of the tendencies of their lower mind and ideally under the guidance of the HGA. Some think that the use of a physical circle will protect them from harm, keeping at bay the lower spirits they work with. Yet, after the Magical operation, when the circle is down, it’s possible that certain entities bites them on the ass. Though a banishing was properly performed and the circle closed, certain “entities” stick around, feeding off the “weaknesses” of the Practitioner. You might say that the Practitioner doesn’t deserve the respect of the spirit world when not properly trained or ethically evolved. In a sense, this explains why in many cases people evoke all kind of spirits for their pleasure or sensation and end up in all kind of misery. So, it is fundamental that one begin the work of clearing the Ruach of its shadows and begin to build a foundation for a real magic circle of light. This, in practice, may take many years of dedication and hard work to fully realize yet, one will reap the rewards of their efforts.

Consider how when Buddha was tempted by the lord of death (Mara) he transformed the arrows and spears of her army into flowers. By the power of his realization (which I liken to actualizing a real circle of light) those negative energies instantly were transformed. Simply put, coming to the realization of the inner god is the best magical circle one can have.

Now consider the symbolism of Magician at the center of their circle, which from above appears as a point within a circle. The symbol of the Sun, or that of Hadit and Nuit conjoined; the fulfillment and realization of the Star whose number is 666

Love is the law, love under will

—Frater Parusha