Phyllis Seckler


(18th June 1917 – 31th May 2004)


This list is a collection of articles written by Soror Meral, originally published in two separate Thelemic journals.  The first was  In the Continuum, published from 1973–1996, and The Black Pearl from 1997–2002.  Both journals feature several contributors covering a variety topics and have been graciously made available (free for download) on the Temple of Thelema web page.

This list is by no means a complete catalog of these journals (nor even a complete list of Soror Meral’s contributions); instead it’s simply a list of articles by Soror Meral we feel well suited to the Aspirant of our Order and those who would be interested in the Magical thoughts of a Soror pivotal in Thelemic history.  Several of these articles began as letters to Students in the hope of addressing certain questions.  Much like in the classic tradition of Epistles, these letters leave the reader with a vivid impression of Soror Meral’s “voice”.  Our hope is that this list will encourage further exploration of her writings.  

For more on Soror Meral please see Remembering Soror Meral in our Vault section.  Or you may want to visit the web page of those groups who carry on in her name; notably the T.O.T. and One Star in Sight (both are listed on our links page).  There is also a two-volume collection of her writings offered by The Teitan Press; edited by David Shoemaker, Gregory Peters and Rorac Johnson, and is highly recommended.  Soror Meral’s biography of Jane Wolfe has been expanded into book form and edited by Marlene Cornelius; available in The Red Flame vol. 10 & 11. 

Soror Meral, Misc. Topics. — In the Continuum
Notes on the Pentagram Ritual – Volume 1 no.1 pgs.1-10
Concerning The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. – Volume 1 no.2 pgs.3-9
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole… – Volume 1 no.3 pgs.1-7
On Magical Protection – Volume 1 no.5 pgs.1-8
Notes on the Tree of Life – Volume 1 no.6 pgs.2-6
Notes on Tarot Divination – Volume 1 no.7 pgs.2-15
On Aiding Others – Volume 1 no.8 pgs.7-13
On the Three Gunas – Volume 1 no.9 pgs.7-19
Why did you join the Order? – Volume 2 no.1 pgs.1-6
Recovering Crowley’s Estate – Volume 2 no.2 pgs.5-24
Great Systems of Thought – Volume 2 no.3 pgs.1-9
Performing Ritual & the Sphinx – Volume 2 no.4 pgs.6-12
Notes on Liber XV – Volume 2 no.4 pgs.13-46
On Woman – Volume 2 no.6 pgs.1-13
On the 4 quarters Pentagram & Hexagram – Volume 2 no.7 pgs.3-18
On Self Discipline – Volume 2 no.10 pgs.1-4
A Qabalistic Expansion of Liber Tau – Volume 2 no.10 pgs.15-25
Not Allowing Personalities to Interfere. – Volume 2 no.12 pgs.1-2
Some Comments on Liber DCLXXI – Volume 2 no.12 pgs.11-14
On the Path of Illumination – Volume 3 no.1 pgs.1-4
On the Way of the Neophyte – Volume 3 no.3 pgs.1-2
Rape in a Thelemic Society – Volume 3 no.4 pgs.1-4
On the Principles of Tarot – Volume 3 no.5 pgs.3-5
On the Suffering of Students – Volume 3 no.9 pgs.1-5
On Occult Studies – Volume 5 no.2 pgs.1-5
On Love – Volume 5 no.6 pgs.1-4
On Living the Law of Thelema – Volume 5 no.7 pgs.1-5
A Short Commentary on Liber LV – Volume 5 no.7 pgs.11-16
Achieving Knowledge & Conversation – Volume 5 no.8 pgs.1-5
Some remarks on Death – Volume 5 no.10 pgs.11-13

Soror Meral on Astrology — In the Continuum
On Astrology & Planetary patterns  – Volume 1 no.4 pgs.8-18
General Astrology – Volume 4 no.2 pgs.1-7
Know Thyself – Using Astrology – Volume 4 no.9 pgs.1-4
The Movement of Earth through Space – Volume 4 no.9 pgs.5-13
Thoth Tarot and Astrology. Introduction – Volume 4 no.9 pgs.28-33
The Movement of Earth through Space – Volume 4 no.9 pgs.5-13
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Chapter I – Volume 5 no.1 pgs.25-35
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Chapter II – Volume 5 no.2 pgs.29-34
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Chapter III – Volume 5 no.3 pgs.29-38
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Chapter III – Volume 5 no.4 pgs.31-40
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Chapter III – Volume 5 no.5 pgs.27-30
A Short Analysis of Jane’s Chart – Volume 5 no.5 pgs.33-36
A Short Analysis of Crowley’s Chart – Volume 5 no.5 pgs.39-43
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Chapter IV – Volume 5 no.6 pgs.19-37
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Continued – Volume 5 no.7 pgs.17-41
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Continued – Volume 5 no.8 pgs.17-41
Thoth Tarot & Astrology Continued – Volume 5 no.9 pgs.19-41

Soror Meral Tarot & Psychology — In The Continuum
Introduction – Volume 3 no.5 pgs.7-10
The Fool – Volume 3 no.6 pgs.1-8
The Magus – Volume 3 no.7 pgs.21-27
The High Priestess – Volume 3 no.7 pgs.28-32
The Empress – Volume 3 no.8 pgs.21-25
The Star – Volume 3 no.8 pgs.26-32
The Hierophant – Volume 3 no.9 pgs.23-27
The Lovers – Volume 3 no.9 pgs.28-33
The Chariot – Volume 3 no.10 pgs.16-21
Lust – Volume 3 no.10 pgs.22-27
The Hermit – Volume 4 no.1 pgs.15-20
Fortune – Volume 4 no.1 pgs.21-26
Adjustment – Volume 4 no.1 pgs.27-32
The Hanged Man – Volume 4 no.2 pgs.9-14
Death – Volume 4 no.2 pgs.15-20
Art – Volume 4 no.3 pgs.19-25
The Devil – Volume 4 no.3 pgs.26-30
The Tower – Volume 4 no.4 pgs.23-28
The Emperor – Volume 4 no.4 pgs.29-33
The Moon – Volume 4 no.5 pgs.31-36
The Sun – Volume 4 no.5 pgs.37-40
The Aeon – Volume 4 no.6 pgs.25-30
The Universe – Volume 4 no.7 pgs.13-17

 Soror Meral on Jane Wolfe — In the Continuum
Jane Wolfe bio “Pasadena”– Volume 4 no.1 pgs.33-44
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.2 pgs.29-41
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.3 pgs.33-42
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.4 pgs.35-44
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.5 pgs.41-49
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.6 pgs.31-41
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.7 pgs.22-28
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.8 pgs.33-40
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.9 pgs.35-45
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 4 no.10 pgs.34-43
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 5 no.1 pgs.37-47
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 5 no.2 pgs.35-43
Jane Wolfe bio “Barstow” – Volume 5 no.3 pgs.39-46
Jane Wolfe bio “Hollywood” – Volume 5 no.4 pgs.41-45
Jane Wolfe an Analysis of Her Chart – Volume 5 no.5 pgs.33-36

Soror Meral from Black Pearl
Infinite Possibilities – Volume 1 no.1 pgs.8 & 17
Take Your Fill of Love – Under Will – Volume 1 no.2 pgs.9-11
Roots of the True Self – Volume 1 no.4 pgs.8-11
Memory – Volume 1 no.5 pgs.6-7
The Worship of Nuit – Volume 1 no.6 pgs.11-12
What is the A∴A∴ – Volume 1 no.8 pgs.7-8
Is Thelema a Solar Phallic Religion – Volume 1 no.9 pgs.5-7
Choices – Volume 2 no.1 pg.5